What is a productive playground?

Creative play lies at the heart of innovation. Doing what we love is inevitably useful and often inspired. Environments of open participation and purposeful intention are not only productive, but fun!


Productive playgrounds in action

Environments of purpose and participation come in as many forms as there are communities. Examining objectives, observing interactions, and inviting input from end-users provide seeds for surprising solutions.


Higher One

Old and new are each enhanced by the presence of the other in both form and function. The strategic addition of a contemporary glass atrium animates the existing pre-war factory architecture and creates a vibrant hub connecting the wings of the older facility.

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PepsiCo Ideation Lab

A wall of invention and product development links the components of this small but dynamic hub of innovation. Every element from boardroom to presentation kitchen is animated through furniture, technology, audio visual, and lighting to create an environment inspiring cr …

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