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Yale School of Medicine

Multiple Projects

Our work with the Yale School of Medicine dates from 1994, including over two hundred projects, touching most of the campus. Beginning with a Strategic Analysis Initiative, individual renovations were designed as integral parts of the School of Medicine as a whole.


  • New Haven, CT
  • Strategic Planning, Complete Architectural Services, Artwork
  • 20+ years


These projects were constructed in the context of an active working environment, requiring the sensitive integration of new laboratories and infrastructure, without disturbing any surrounding existing research environments.

Art Integration

Each laboratory represents their own unique identity and at the same time are experienced as part of the School of Medicine campus. Maintaining this balance has allowed for an environment of both continuity and innovation.


Research is a dynamic process. Flexibility is key in the ability to respond to changing scientific methodologies. The new systems and casework allows for customization and the inexpensive retrofit of the latest advancements in academic research.

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