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Wood Creek Capital Management

Energy, creativity and a spirited personality are captured in this strategic renovation of a trading floor for an investment management company. Their portfolio is brought to life within this space, celebrating not only the way they collaborate, but their accomplishments as well.


  • New Haven, CT
  • Complete Architectural Services
Project Size and Type
  • 9,000 s.f.
  • Renovation
  • Completion: 2015


Being fans of 1970’s TV show ‘Get Smart’ the client wanted a “Cone of Silence.” What started as a playful comedic reference immediately reverberated through the team and the Quiet Room was born. To echo one of the company’s vast investment portfolios, the sound treated room for is designed to emulate a recording studio.


The design is both functional and personal. The client is inspired by the quality of their investments integrated into the walls around them: a productive playground of encouragement and ingenuity.

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