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Sandy Hook School

The quality of the process creates the quality of the architecture. The wholehearted participation of the community brought to life their vision of what was needed: a process of revitalization for all of Newtown and the creation of a plan with welcoming arms, embracing all the future students of Sandy Hook.


  • Newtown, CT
  • Complete Architectural Services, Programming, Artwork, Kids Build!
Project Size and Type
  • 86,800 s.f.
  • New Construction
  • Completion: 2016



Key to the success was the need for the establishment of a strong trust among participants, designers and the community. This allowed expectations to fall away and the design of a new school to emerge unique to this site and this community.

Art Integration

With security a deep concern, the town realized that the design would only succeed if the educational mission remained the primary goal. In this way, all design decisions around security were also serving this essential mission.


The design of the school was developed in concert with the wider community and consequently was approved at each phase, on budget and with construction proceeding on schedule.

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