How do we form a collective vision?

Listening to the needs of others and being listened to ourselves awakens our compassion. A collective vision is born from understanding one another, seeing how we are bound together, a vision holding us all.


Collective Vision in Action

Sustainable communities work because they are designed on behalf of all members. Welcoming the broadest range of perspectives allows unexpected connections to create unimagined possibilities.



We were all so excited to contribute to this extraordinary mission, offering inner city students the opportunity to engage in the study of art and technology to prepare them for jobs in the community. Part of a national program, it’s success is resonant in the lif …

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Main Street Overpass

Community members came together to create an iconic statement that embodies the industrious and artistic spirit of the people of New Britain. Embracing the City’s official emblem, the beehive bridge will link neighboring communities and is the catalyst for a new plan …

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Sandy Hook School

The quality of the process creates the quality of the architecture. The wholehearted participation of the community brought to life their vision of what was needed: a process of revitalization for all of Newtown and the creation of a plan with welcoming arms, embracing …

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