Doug Lovegren

Associate Principal

What attracted Doug to a career in architecture was the realization that he could inhabit his imagination. What could be better than an occupation that needs you to dream up an environment for people to experience? He is most excited when given the opportunity to collaborate with his client’s diverse talents. The excitement of inspiring creativity in their project, especially when they are least expecting it, and the gratification of seeing them inhabit their collective vision is what he finds most rewarding.

Doug has had the opportunity to work on a variety of project types, in academic, clinical, professional, and laboratory facilities design. He has a broad experience in the design and renovation of clinical spaces, merging client’s space requirements with desired patient and staff flows. Consequently, his designs are highly efficient and rigorously functional. Doug has served as an integral member for several medical clinics at the Yale School of Medicine and UConn Health Center as well as a new corporate headquarters for Higher One, Inc. No matter what the size or type of the project, it all goes back to what brought him to architecture: imagining places for people to thrive.

A jack of all trades, Doug offers a diverse set of abilities beyond architecture to the firm. He manages the office’s utilization of technology, mentors younger staff, bolsters the unique culture of the firm and last but not least, he serves as the firm historian when the old guys aren’t around.

What You Might Not Know

His favorite Super Power: “Rock-Stardom” AKA the power one receives when becoming a rock star.

Doug would like to try stand-up comedy and either bring the house down or totally bomb.