Christopher Bockstael, AIA



A Rhode Island native, Chris credits his architect father with exposing him to the world of architecture and its rewarding combination of creativity and functional beauty. As director of innovation spaces, Chris approaches design through the holistic integration of client vision, culture and sustainability to develop meaningful environments by artfully weaving together the highly creative aspects of architecture with pragmatic design solutions.

A graduate of New York Institute of Technology, Chris has found in Svigals + Partners a home—and a family—for his work. Chris enjoys collaborating with both coworkers and clients alike to create stronger, prosperous communities resulting in lively corporate environments, vibrant mixed-use spaces and state-of-the-art research laboratories for the likes of PepsiCo, Yale University and Higher One.

A trusted client advocate, Chris was elevated to partner in 2012. He spearheads quality assurance for the firm, identifies strategic business opportunities and is an avid proponent of the mentoring program. Just as his father taught him, Chris routinely uses his skills to bring diverse constituencies together to generate unifying ideas. What appeals to him most is the development of a thoughtful solution to difficult challenges and the ability to create the unexpected “in everything we touch.”

What You Might Not Know

Chris feels a deep kinship with Luke Skywalker. But if he's actually a Jedi-in-training, he's kept it a secret.

When he's not at work, Chris enjoys being active: mountain biking, snowboarding, and soccer top the list.