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Boston College

Carroll School of Management, Fulton Hall

Seeing the power of existing resources is the most sustainable approach. Drawing upon the quality of nearby older architecture, the transformation of Fulton Hall brought a more modest building back into the family of the proximate buildings. In this way, the image of the whole campus was re-imagined.


  • Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
  • Complete Architectural Services, Art
Project Size and Type
  • 120,000 s.f.
  • Addition / Renovation
  • Completion: 1995


The design of the new additions created an atrium which provided a heart to inspire the relationships among disparate departments which had previously been segregated, bringing new life and collaboration to all their existing programs.

Art Integration

Drawing upon the tradition of figurative sculpture in Gothic architecture, portrayals of the saints appear as capitals to the structural pilasters around the building, acting as both a metaphoric and literal support to the life of the School.


A single project can have an exponential effect if it draws upon existing campus forces of both architecture and program. A building was renovated, an academic community enlivened and a campus renewed in the transformation of Fulton Hall.

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