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Biotech Visioning

Workshops for Your Future 

The biotech industry is moving at unprecedented speed. As your efforts and environmental needs expand, workspace and lab planning is critical. Our proprietary process enables you to create a consensus-driven vision for your future. When the time comes, this framework will be essential in evaluating potential sites, guiding your realtors and brokers, and designing a fit-out for an existing building or even a whole new facility

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Managing Growth

Utilizing a series of workshops and interviews, we will guide your exploration of key infrastructure considerations: 
   •  Holistic goals, values, and objectives
   •  Phased growth
   •  Adaptable spaces
   •  Project constraints
   •  Budget parameters
   •  Scheduling


Within weeks, we deliver a jointly-developed program, space allocation concepts and options, a comprehensive room list with diagrams, technical criteria of each space type, preliminary area projections, and preliminary costs. 


Svigals + Partners has been designing workplace and technology spaces in and around Connecticut for 35+ years. 85% of our projects come from existing clients based on long-established trust, expertise, and reliability. We look forward to building that kind of relationship with your organization.

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