Stephen Hansen, Assoc. AIA

During childhood trips to New York City, Stephen Hansen became fascinated by the buildings which surrounded him. Since then, he’s always had a strong interest in becoming an architect. It wasn’t until after college graduation, however, that he determined he wanted to work in a larger firm to refine his skills and develop his abilities as an architect.

When first introduced to Svigals + Partners, Stephen felt instantly drawn to the firm because he saw an opportunity to engage with other talented professionals who would help him strengthen his skills both personally and professionally. A natural team player, he works enthusiastically with his colleagues to accomplish shared goals in an open, collaborative environment.

An expert in creating 3D models through programs such as Rhino, Maya, and Revit, Stephen produces animations which are then made into movies. He eagerly uses these skills to enhance his design work for Svigals + Partners, and to help his project teams give life and dimension to their project delivery process.

What You Might Not Know

Stephen is a former member of the Boy Scouts of America, and an Eagle Scout.

Stephen wishes he lived in the Roaring Twenties, surrounded by bohemians and flappers in New York City, designing Art Deco and dancing to jazz.