Francisco Del Carpio

Francisco’s family came to the U.S. from Arequipa, Peru, when he was eleven years old, and since that time New Haven has been his hometown. Through a program at his high school, Francisco took advantage of an opportunity to take a short internship that would give him a taste of the post-graduation career he was imagining for himself. He spent three weeks with us at Svigals + Partners as an intern and one year later returned as a full time employee.

Francisco is now a valuable asset, working with any number of team members to see tasks completed by their deadlines. He enjoys the firm’s focus on incorporating art into architecture, but especially takes pleasure in learning from involvement in as many aspects of the process as possible and seeing ideas take physical form, becoming ‘reality’ in built space.

In addition to his work organizing files and assignment plans and preparing documents for archiving, Francisco also has a knack for building 3D models from project designs. Francisco is currently studying graphic design, and aspires to graduate school and someday integrating his own artwork into architectural works.

What You Might Not Know

If he could wake up in another person's body for a day, Francisco would choose an astronaut, so he could leave footprints on the moon, and watch the Earth rise over the lunar horizon.

Francisco ate guinea pig at least once back in Peru, where it is considered a delicacy. Since moving to the U.S., he has learned that they make cute pets.

Francisco's Recent Projects