April Gaddis, Assoc. AIA

As someone who cannot sit still for long, the methods of production and success of creation have always been a driving force for April to achieve fulfillment. Whether it be crafting presents for friends, renovating her family’s home, working on her car, restoring furniture, or simply planning her next trip somewhere far, she shows a clear aptitude for constantly creating something new. With her creativity and focus well fostered and developed, April attended Roger Williams University, where she quickly fell in love with architecture.

April now holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Architecture, the latter attained in 2016. Feeling out her career options at another firm, she heard about Svigals+Partners as she investigated the new Sandy Hook School being built in her native Newtown, CT. April went to an open house and fell in love with the design and the architecturally integrated art–which turned out to be our good fortune.

In a short time, April has made herself essential here. She’s highly adept at Revit, which makes her extremely efficient with tasks such as producing construction details or adjusting designs based on client needs and budget constraints. She volunteered to fix the broken 3D model printer and has now helped produce small-scaled building models for client projects. Independent and motivated, April is a fast learner, and a self-starter who naturally ‘figures things out on her own’. It never takes her very long.

What You Might Not Know

April is pursuing her architectural license, and plans to use it to free herself from working at a desk. She envisions herself out in the field, working with her hands.

When she's not at work, you'll find April working on the four or five different crafting projects she always has going. Either that or she'll be traveling, maybe to a music festival.