Cheryl McCormack

Director of Finance + Human Resources

With a background in finance and a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of New Haven, Cheryl never thought she would wind up working with a company whose core principles include creativity and collaboration. The Connecticut native was introduced to us by a friend familiar with Svigals + Partners, who knew that we would value Cheryl’s skills and innovative thinking. Since taking on the role of Director of Finance and Human Resources, she is finding that a position with such a company is something she would have enjoyed all along.

Her new position allows Cheryl, a natural problem solver and strong communicator, to explore unfamiliar career territory: learning about the business of architecture, a field that she has had limited exposure to until now. Her daily tasks mainly involve constructing financial statements, tackling payroll, handling HR related issues, and generally keeping us running efficiently and smoothly. Her favorite part of her new job turns out to be conversing with our designers about art, architecture, and more.

What You Might Not Know

Cheryl spends her free time on her farm, gardening and tending to the horses.

Fond of both sports and animals since childhood, Cheryl used to dream of becoming a jockey, or possibly a veterinarian.