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Re-Imagining Sustainability

June 23rd, 2018 by Barry Svigals

If we have saved the planet, will we have saved ourselves?

Necessity is the mother of invention. So, once we have saved the planet (if we can?), will we have saved humanity? By this we mean humanity as it relates to sustainability and a sustainable set of relationships.

As human beings we are part of an organic life, sustainability is not solely about buildings and products – these are laudable, but what is the foundation?

We must expand the definition – sustainability – to include how we are, when we talk about the planet we cannot extract humanity. The evolution of our thinking is what it means to be a responsible human. We have boundless potential to effect natural systems. We have a responsibility. There is no audience.

Hear more about  how we can re-imagine sustainability through these Seeds of a Renewed Commitment: Collaboration, Consilience, Creativity, Compassion, Community and Love.

Re-Imagining Sustainability, Green Build 2015

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