Ryan Miller, Assoc. AIA

A native Connecticuter (he insists that is the correct term), Ryan earned his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology from the University of Hartford. After a brief stint working in New York City, he returned to his alma mater to pursue a Master of Architecture degree. During his post-graduate studies, Ryan first encountered Svigals+Partners, and was drawn by the firm’s commitments to community, inclusion, and integrated artwork.

Born with a birth defect, Ryan experienced first-hand the challenges of navigating various built environments as a disabled person. He quickly realized that a career in architecture would afford him opportunities to emphasize accessibility, making a positive impact on the experiences of a population he believes are all too often an afterthought, even today.

Ryan brings digital skills to the table including 3D modeling and rendering—he’s a self-described “Revit/BIM nerd”—and his days are currently spent working on and learning all about construction documentation. He still thinks about how his work will impact other disabled persons. “Helping one person might not change the world,” he says, “but it can change the world for one person.”

What You Might Not Know

Like everyone, Ryan dreamed of becoming a rock star—but not for the status, he says: “I wanted the influence.”

Ryan tries to do a marathon each week ... a TV marathon, that is.