Megan Dignan

Communications Designer, Marketing Department

After finishing up her undergraduate work in graphic design at SUNY Oswego, Megan began a job search that would lead her to Svigals+Partners. Learning about us, she felt connected to our vision (“a world of prosperous, compassionate communities”) and the world of architecture intrigued her. It also didn’t hurt that she got an overall “good feeling” about us.

Now immersed in an unfamiliar industry, Megan finds her work exciting, if a little scary. But anyone as detail-oriented and talented as Megan doesn’t need to worry. She’s adept at finding creative solutions for our graphic communications, which makes her a valuable contributor to our marketing, business development, and client engagement efforts.

As a communications designer, Megan works on client-facing materials to be sure they are readable, clean, cohesive and adhere to the Svigals+Partners brand. She has a gift for the aesthetic side of things, and notices right away when image quality or spatial relationships aren’t meeting our standards. Megan’s a trained designer who has quickly learned to think like a marketer.

What You Might Not Know

If she could have any superpower she would have the ability to "travel anywhere, in the blink of an eye."

Megan loves writing and drawing, and recently finished illustrating a children's book. It's on her bucket list to illustrate and write another one.