Maelle Jeanty



Maelle’s interest in architecture and design sprung from her love of art and her desire to work in a creative environment. So it’s no surprise that she finds working at Svigals + Partners to be an ideal fit – it was reading our mission statement and reviewing our portfolio that inspired Maelle to join us. Working alongside other compassionate, dedicated people makes her excited to come into work each day.  

Born in Haiti, the well-traveled Maelle comes to Connecticut by way of California, New Jersey, and Florida. At Svigals + Partners her responsibilities include answering phones and greeting visitors, keeping inventory, and coordinating events participation on behalf of the architects, among other tasks.

Maelle particularly enjoys the opportunities that arise to serve as a liaison to clients and vendors, creating a special bond with them through direct interactions. She also boasts one very important skill: remaining calm in highly stressful situations. Maelle is also relishing the on-the-job opportunity to learn more about architecture and design.

What You Might Not Know

Maelle dreams of owning a wellness center complete with naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, and a spa offering organic treatments, yoga and meditation.

If she could live in any time period, Maelle would choose…the present. She believes the world needs more joy, laughter, and love right now, and that she can help make a difference.