Jeremy Jamilkowski,  AIA

When he was young, Jeremy was always fascinated with Legos, using them to build houses with very particular layouts and color schemes. He couldn’t tell you exactly when he decided he wanted to be an architect, but his parents think it was when he was 10 or 11 years old.

Jeremy first encountered Svigals + Partners back in high school when he took an internship with us. After receiving his B. Arch. Degree from Roger Williams University, Jeremy entered the profession in earnest, gaining valuable skills and experience but always harboring a secret wish to return to the fun and unique atmosphere of Svigals + Partners.

Finally, at home with Svigals + Partners, Jeremy collaborates with team members to take projects from conception to completion. He’s excited to continue honing his technical skills and developing innovative solutions to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. When he’s not working, Jeremy is still putting his design skills to use – lately to remodel the 1920s-era Colonial home which he and his wife recently moved into.

What You Might Not Know

Always working with his hands, Jeremy pursued a minor in sculpture while at college – a skill that comes in handy around here.

Jeremy plans to use some of his spare time for long-term artisan projects, possibly building a drum set, or a canoe.