Bruce Wujcik, AIA, CSI

Associate Principal


Bruce boasts about 30 years of practical experience as an architect, about half of which has been with Svigals + Partners. After graduating from Cornell with a Bachelor of Architecture, Bruce set out on the long road that would lead him here in 2001, gathering cutting-edge skills and project credits along the way.

Bruce describes his primary role with the firm as “creative problem solving,” but we think “everything important” is a better description. His management and leadership responsibilities include all phases of planning, design, documentation, and contract administration. We also rely on him for his mastery of building systems development, not to mention quality assurance. When complicated work needs to be double-checked, there’s no better second set of eyes in the industry.

In addition to his architectural expertise, Bruce contributes a great deal in his role as mentor to younger staff. It’s one of the things he loves about the firm, and why we’re so fortunate to have had him here for half his career (and going!). When he is not at work, Bruce likes to travel, read and bake.

What You Might Not Know

If Bruce could go back in time to take credit for one invention, it would be the Erector Set. He's a builder to the core.