Bojana Djukanovic


Bojana left her native Belgrade, Serbia and made her way to the University of Illinois where she completed her M.Arch. She recalls that once a professor invoked de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince to describe finding design solutions. The quote suggested the Prince’s box—the one the narrator draws, with a supposed sheep inside—as a metaphor for imagination, for seeing without eyes. Bojana took the message to heart, realizing that the idea of architecture had been with her since childhood, when she first imagined creating her own space.

Now Bojana employs the tools of universe-creation (especially Revit and BIM) for Svigals + Partners. She finds special satisfaction in creating 3D visualizations, which she believes are the most effective method of communication between design team and client. But her favorite part of the process is seeing the 3D model take shape on the construction site. Bojana thrives in the firm’s collaborative environment, where her design skill, knowledge of trends, and enthusiasm for innovation are all welcome additions.

What You Might Not Know

Bojana served as teaching assistant at University of Illinois, guiding students through introductory design projects.

She's visited more than 20 countries and speaks four languages!

Bojana would like to travel the world, documenting it through eyes of architecture.