Arturo Arroyo, AIA

Director of Florida Office


Growing up in Hartford, CT, Arturo was always fascinated by the ever-changing cityscape. He knew early on that he would pursue a career working with others to conceptualize and reshape the built environment. But it was later—commuting to school on a route that daily offered him a view of Richard Meier’s stunning Hartford Seminary building—that Arturo realized he would pursue the role of architect.

After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Hartford, Arturo began his fledgling design career in earnest at a local architecture office, while continuing school to complete a Masters of Architecture. His love of integrating art and architecture brought him inevitably to Svigals + Partners in 2013.

Arturo’s work focuses on organizing and coordinating project flow from design through documentation and construction, and his wide array of skills have made him indispensable. (“Being good at only one thing tends to bore me,” he says.) But his favorite part of the job may be the conversations among colleagues, especially the ones about art.

What You Might Not Know

Arturo loves graffiti art, and aspires to find ways to merge graffiti with architecture, including starting his own practice someday. We'd be sorry to see him go, but we'd love to see the results!

He answers to several nicknames, including Arturito, Tuto and Art. But please don't call him Turtle. He doesn't like that one, even a little. (Bad memories of grade school.)

Arturo's Recent Projects