Andres Peña, Assoc. AIA

Born in Bucaramanga, Colombia into a family of architects, engineers and contractors, it’s no wonder Andres chose to pursue his career as an architect. Growing up in Manhattan and a slight obsession with Legos helped too.

As a designer, Andres enjoys creating space and transforming ideas from sketches into experiential objects. He excels at 3D modeling, is knowledgeable in the Adobe Creative Suite and loves seeing where a design can go.  Drawn to our office by its huge sculptures, reliefs and colorful sketches, Andres was excited to be a part of the creativity. He sees our integration of artwork as something both unique to us and important to the field of architecture, and he is excited to see it expand.

Andres specializes in parametric design and BIM modeling, but what excites him most about his work is the ability to create a space by transforming ideas into experiential objects. He loves working on projects and believes “The feeling of being handed a pen and trace paper and asked to go for it is incomparable.”

What You Might Not Know

If he had to wear a nametag it would read “Luke Skywalker” and he has noted that the lightsaber could be quite useful on job sites and client meetings.

In his free time, Andres enjoys various hobbies including hiking, yoga, sculpting, running, sketching and growing beards.