Marissa Mead, RA, LEED AP

Marissa graduated from the University of Notre Dame as an architecture major, but it wasn’t a fascination with designing buildings that initially set her on this path. A self-described maker and puzzle-solver, Marissa also believes in the power of beautiful places. This belief encouraged her choice to begin a career with Svigals + Partners. The position seemed a natural fit.

With her early studies of sculpture and furniture design and more recent work experience fabricating architectural ornament, Marissa brings to the table a focus on small, design-intense aspects of larger projects. The Svigals + Partners commitment to architecturally integrated art engages Marissa’s passion to bring human scale, meaning and delight to built environments.

Marissa manages smaller projects while also serving in a primary design role for larger ones. She also contributes in mentoring roles as a coordinator for the firm’s KidsBuild program, and has been a teacher with Yale/New Haven Saturday Seminars, a program that introduced high school students to the study of architecture. She draws her greatest pleasure from these teaching moments — and from the delight of occupants taking their places in a newly completed building.

What You Might Not Know

Marissa spent a year living in Rome, Italy, where she discovered a passion for figure sculpture, and for pizza margherita.

She freely admits that the mascot for her high school in rural Western New York was the Hillbillies, but has no plans to load up her truck and move to Beverly. (Hills, that is ...)

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