Emilia Baker

With her Bachelor of Architecture in hand, Emilia left Virginia Tech in 2012 to start a new job at a global architecture firm in our nation’s capital—and quickly realized that something was missing. Emilia is from a family of makers, including everything from oil painting to graphic design to carpentry. Working for a large corporate firm, Emilia felt homesick for what she calls “the art of making.”

Svigals + Partners won Emilia’s heart with the promise of “Architecture + Art”, and the opportunity to contribute in a significant way to the local community. Emilia’s responsibilities include collaborating with and supporting our designers on all phases of a project, and absorbing everything she can along the way.

Emilia is engaged in every aspect of the work, and enjoys learning from her fellow colleagues, clients, and the greater community. She gets particularly excited participating in office-wide design charrettes and racing to meet encroaching deadlines. Emilia says the greatest rewards come from the opportunities to collaborate directly with the client and end-users. In her precious time away from work, you may find her creating her own projects at home, from watercolors to knitting to lino block prints—design is her passion.

What You Might Not Know

A native Virginian, Emilia surprises folks when she tells them she spent several years of her childhood growing up in Panama, Central America.

Emilia is obsessed with cats, especially Grumpy Cat. Also, Taylor Swift's latest album helps to keep the creativity flowing.

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